Newcomers in Barfly

King's Hill / Scotland 14chf
suggested garnish : Grapefruit
suggested tonic :  Mediterranean tonic
Saigon Baigur/ Vietnam14chf
suggested garnishes : lemon 
suggested tonic :  Fever tree
Geometric gin / S. Africa14chf
suggested garnishes : Grapefruit
suggested tonic : Fever tree
RD-19 / Italy 14chf
suggested garnishes : Orange zest
suggested tonic : Mediteranean
The Artisan / Croatia14 chf
suggested garnishes : lime 
suggested tonic: Fever tree

Barfly Basel dry gin

A recipe with a depth of flavour that suprise and delights
Cotswold's Ginger/ UK14chf
suggested garnishes : Orange zeast
suggested tonic : Fever tree
Cambridge / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : Mint 
suggested tonic : Fever Tree Light
Gin Mare Capri / Spain14chf
suggested garnishes : orange zest, lemon
suggested tonic :Mediteranean
York / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : Lemon zest
suggested tonic : fever tree light
Japanese / UK14chf
suggested garnishes : Apple
suggested tonic : Fever tree light

The choice is yours



Cape Fynbos citrus

Lemon grass& ginger

Scapegreace black

5 Continents



Pink pepper

The Bramble 16 chf
Bloom gin,blackberry liquer,lime juice,simple syrup
The green beret 16 chf
brockers gin,basil leaves,cucumber,lime juice
Thyme after thyme16 chf
Lengtons gin,thyme,honey,lemon juice,cucumber,ginger beer
Blackberry lemon16 chf
Gin,mint leaves,blackberrys,lemon juice
Etsu / Japan14 chf
sugested garnishes : lime
sugested tonic : Schweppes premium
Gin'ca / Peru14 chf
sugested garnishes : orange zest,lemon sugested tonic : fever tree original
Koval / USA14 chf
sugested garnishes : Grapefruit , mint sugested tonic : fever tree original
Kyro / Finland14 chf
sugested garnishes : rosemary,cranberry sugested tonic : fever tree original

A perfect G&T need the perfect mixer

Fever tree
Indian tonic4 chf
Mediterranean tonic4 chf
Refreshling Light4 chf
Aromatic tonic4 chf
Ginger beer 4 chf
Sicilian lemonade 4 chf
Ginger ale4 chf
Lemon tonic4 chf
Franklin & Sons
Natural Indian tonic 4 chf

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